Colonel Alexandra Kozlowski was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps.

From the beginning she disagrees with Grant´s expedition to the Xenomorph homeworld in order to get royal jelly for the Xeno-Zip, but has to follow the military´s orders to get it. She leads the military team in that expedition. She is also a great expert in fighting Xenomorphs. Additionally she is respected by her subordinates, because she treats them all equally and Grant respects her for that, too.

Daniel Grant also feels attracted to her and tries to establish a relationship with her despite their initial quarrels regarding her disagreement with the mission, but she rebuffs him at the beginning, because she sees him as a ruthless and self serving businessman, who endangers her people out of greed.

In time however, during the expedition, she changes her mind, while she also sees changes in Grant´s behaviour. She also realises there is a saboteur on board, who is after Grant. When they reach the objective of the expedition, the killer, who was hired by a rival company of Grant, exposes himself and wounds her, when she tries to stop him.

He is, however, overpowered later by Grant, who then goes away with her, while Henriksen, the killer, is left to die at the hands of the Xenomorphs. After reaching the spaceship, they leave the planet and, because of the events, she then becomes a friend of Grant.


  • In the the original comic, Kozlowski was instead named Lee, and is said to be a Major. The reason for the change i nname and rank for the novel is not clear.


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