"I guess I more than half believe Keitel — his 'angels' and his 'extinction'..."
Throop (from Aliens: Apocalypse)
Alecto Throop was the owner of Throop Rescue and Recovery and led the search for Dr. Keitel in 2142.


Alecto Throop was a deep-space rescue specialist and was sent on a mission in 2142 to locate Dr. Lucien Keitel by the Geholgod. She finally encountered Keitel within the ruins of an ancient city on an abandoned Engineer (or "giants" as Alecto called them) planet with a sole surviving Engineer. After conversing with Keitel, it became apparent that he was overly obessed with the biological nature of the Xenomorphs. Mentally unstable and curious for more Keitel previously sacrificed many of his crew members to study the life cycle of the Xenomorph, who he calls the "Angels". Alecto was shocked and horrified to hear of Keitel's actions and attempted to convince the doctor of returning to the Geholgod. The doctor refused and saw Alecto and her team as a threat to his operation. Keitel changed his mind when one of Throop's androids (corrupted by a Weyland-Yutani command overwrite) infected the surviving Engineer, creating a Jockey-Xenomorph. The Jockey-Xenomorph rampaged throughout the ruins, killing everything in its sight. Keitel volunteered to stay behind stating that he no longer wants any affiliation with the Geholgod. The doctor was killed by the beast while Throop managed to survive the horrific events with only two of her crew.

Personality and Traits

Throop was smart, tough and put safety before profit as she tried to discard the hidden Xenomorph Eggs aboard her ship instead of selling them to Weyland-Yutani. By the end of her ordeal with Dr. Keitel, Alecto earned a few gray hairs.


  • Alecto owned a Great Gray Owl named Wicket who was passed down to her in the beginning of Aliens: Apocalypse.
  • Alecto and two of her crew are amount few notable individuals who actually survived a Jockey-Xenomorph encounter.
  • Throop's facial appearance bares a striking resemblence to Gina Gershon, it is possible the character's appearance was based on her. [citation needed]



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