Alec Brand, colonist number 03638, was a colonist stationed on the ship the Gaspar. After boarding the colonist ship Gaspar his hopes of a fresh start are soon turned into a nightmarish plight for survival on a black sited planet used for Xenomorph experiments, alongside experienced survivors Amanda Ripley-McClaren and Zula Hendricks.


Alec Brand was one of the many hundreds of colonists that boarded the Weyland-Yutani owned colonist ship Gaspar in hopes of a fresh start in life from Earth beyond the solar system. Awakening from cryostasis, it is clear that Brand's hopes of a new life was nothing more than a facade for the company to use him and the other eleven-hundred colonists as guinea pigs in their ghastly experiments. The colonists are given orange jumpsuits to wear and have bags put over their heads. Eventually they find themselves in a facility orbiting a black sited planet.



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