"I knew the colony ship was a piece of junk -- we all did, but it was cheap and leaving the next day and I figured either i'd wake up to a brand new life someplace...Or I just wouldn't wake up period and never know the difference. I didn't expect a third option."
Alec Brand in Aliens: Resistance #4

Alec Brand, colonist number 03638, was a colonist stationed on the ship the Gaspar. After boarding the colonist ship Gaspar his hopes of a fresh start are soon turned into a nightmarish plight for survival on a black sited planet used for Xenomorph experiments, alongside experienced survivors Amanda Ripley-McClaren and Zula Hendricks.


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Brand and a group of other colonists before boarding the Gaspar.

Alec Brand was one of the many hundreds of colonists that boarded the Weyland-Yutani owned colonist ship Gaspar in hopes of a fresh start in life from Earth beyond the solar system. Awakening from cryostasis, it is clear that Brand's hopes of a new life was nothing more than a facade for the company to use him and the other eleven-hundred colonists as guinea pigs in their ghastly experiments. The colonists are given orange jumpsuits to wear and have bags put over their heads. Eventually they find themselves in a facility orbiting a black sited planet. They soon they find themselves in a large complex. After being ordered to take the hoods off, the colonists are forced to breathe a certain gas being pumped into the room. In an act of defiance, Brand attempts to hold his breath. A Franklin android catches onto this and punches Brand in the gut, forcing him to double over and breathe in the gas.


After being forced back aboard the ship, Brand and the other eleven-hundred colonists are sent into lower orbit and eventually land on an unknown moon in an area covered with vegetation. With no weapons to defend themselves with, the colonists are promptly slaughtered in large succession by the Xenomorph creatures inhabiting the area. With him quickly isolating himself from the other colonists, Brand is later seen desperately running into a grass-field with two Xenomorphs in hot pursuit. There, he briefly encounters Amanda Ripley and Zula Hendricks, who briskly dispose of the Xenomorphs. Alec does not stop to thank the two and continues running into the forest.

Escaping the moon

As Zula and Amanda continue exploring the area. Brand suddenly ambushes Amanda and hits her over the head with a rock. However, Amanda quickly subdues Brand and questions him. Brand states that the two were being too loud and were going to attract too much attention from the Xenomorphs. Regardless, Zula and Amanda guarantee Alec a way off of the moon.

At midnight, the group are seen huddled in a safe area. Brand reveals to the two that he knew that in spite of the risks the colony ship posed, he simply wanted a better life away from Earth, if not that, then an easy death in cryostasis. He also reveals that he has been tagged. Amanda cites that they can use the tag and Alec as testimony to put down Weyland-Yutani for good and avenge the dead colonists.

The next day, the group are seen running in a large open field being chased by a horde of Aliens. Whilst Amanda and Zula hold off the horde, Brand climbs into the recently landed Celestial ship owned by Zula and straps himself into the nearest acceleration chair. Zula's synthetic companion Davis One announces over comms that he will be forced to detonate the nuclear device attached to the black sited facility in order to destroy it. As the Celestial takes off into the planet's atmosphere with Brand inside, stranding Amanda and Zula, Davis detonates the nuke, destroying the facility. As the blast sweeps the atmosphere and kills all of the Xenomorphs, Brand expresses his regret in abandoning Zula and Amanda. Davis agrees, but also states "yet our duty remains", as the ship sets off towards Earth.

Becoming a marine

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Believing both Amanda and Zula to be dead after their supposed sacrifice, Brand later enrolled as a marine some time after the events on the moon. After an interview with executive Bowden recalling the events on the moon, he joins "Deep Space Recon" the three months following and is later approached by Bowden again with a special offer; Amanda and Zula have survived, and she shows them photos of the two taken three days ago. She tells Brand that the two are at an undisclosed location and are supposedly in need of personnel to undergo a large operation. Brand immediately accepts the offer to join.



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