Alan Decker was an empath, which is a low level telepath according to Andrea Rollins. Decker was also a descendant of Ellen Ripley and because of this, he was targeted by Xenomorphs, who can sense that he is related to Ripley as she was apparently genetically marked.


Alan Decker was an engineer working for the Interstellar Commerce Commission and, unknown to many, an empath with low-level telepathic abilities. It is believed that this ability was inherited genetically, as his father had a similar ability. Decker was married for a time, ultimately divorcing from his wife but maintaining friendly relations with both her and their three children. Decker also unknowingly descended from Ellen Ripley and Amanda Ripley-McClaren, though was unaware of this until adulthood.

In 2497, Decker was part of a team sent to investigate the Sea of Sorrows, a region on the planet New Galveston that was incredibly toxic, hampering human attempts at colonizing it. An industrial accident occurred in which Alan was wounded, and while in an induced coma from the injury, Decker's powers surfaced and he unwittingly formed a temporary connection with a swarm of Xenomorphs that were unknowingly nesting in the area. Upon returning to Earth and recovering from the accident, Decker (who had no memory of his episode) began harassing the Weyland-Yutani Corporation for the perceived criminal negligence that caused it, even accessing old files that revealed New Galveston's former status as a trimonite mine. He wrote a damning report on the company to his superiors, which was poorly received and Decker ended up being suspended from his job without pay when he refused to alter its contents.

Days later, Decker was kidnapped from his apartment by a team of freelance mercenaries contracted by Weyland-Yutani. He was brought before company employee Andrea Rollins, who explained his empathic episode and the nature of the Xenomorphs. She coerced Decker into helping them capture a Xenomorph, first by telling him he owed them a debt due to Ripley's exploits costing them money and then by threatening his family. Alan was introduced to the rest of the mercenary team and became friends with Adams, a female mercenary and the only one who was pleasant with him.

On New Galveston, Decker accompanied the mercenaries into the Drukathi ruins buried beneath the Sea of Sorrows, where a gargantuan Xenomorph Hive was located. Both the mercenaries and the scientists organized to study the ruins and the Xenomorphs were besieged by the creature repeatedly; Decker himself was a prime target to the Xenomorphs, as they could sense he was descended from the Ripleys and thus sought revenge against him and his lineage. Ultimately, only Decker and a few other mercenaries, including a facehugged Adams, survived. Having succeeded in their mission to recover a living specimen, Weyland-Yutani freed Decker from his debt, though they ignored his warnings against meddling with the Xenomorphs.


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