Akira Noguchi[1] was an accountant employed by the Yashido Corporation. He was the husband of Keiko Noguchi and the father of Machiko Noguchi.

Despite the esteem with which he was held in a professional capacity, Akira was actually embezzling funds from the company for which he worked. When his transgressions were discovered, he was immediately fired and committed suicide in disgrace.

Personality and Traits

Akira was a stern and strict man concerned with honesty, integrity, and honor above all. He taught his daughter his values, but even so, was not above stealing money from the company he worked for.


At some point in his like, Akira married Keiko Noguchi, and had their daughter Machiko Noguchi. He made it a point to teach her about honor and order, while stealing from the company he was working for at the same time. After being found out, he was fired, and died shortly after. It is heavily implied that his death was a suicide, something not uncommon following joblessness in Japan.



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