Ahiro was the leader of a band ninjas under the service of Synsound CEO Yoriku. He was responsible for acquiring the Xenomorph egg used to birth Mozart that would be used in Damon Eddington's Symphony of Hate project.


Early life[]

Not much is known about Ahiro's past, although it was established that he had a younger sister and his father was "a high powered man" who was a drug trafficker. He was killed during a government raid by Yoriku, who couldn't bring himself to kill a ten year old Ahiro and his sister. Deriding from his father's traditionalist values, Ahiro sworn lifelong loyalty to Yoriku and began working for him. He had never seen his sister since, though he did talk to her occasionally. As for his mother, he never saw her either afterwards, assuming that she was dead. Brought to America soon after his father's death, Yoriku made sure that Ahiro was privately tutored to become a ninja, serving every need of the CEO, legal or illegal.

Beginning the project[]

After Damon Eddington had approached Jarlath Keene requesting a Xenomorph egg to be used in his Symphony of Hate, Keene contacted Yoriku and suggested the project could be used as a way of humiliating Synsound's rival company MedTech. Yoriku assigned Ahiro and a team of 6 other ninjas, hand picked and trained by Ahiro himself to infiltrate a MedTech secret laboratory and steal a Xenomorph egg. Ahiro and his team are suddenly attacked by Xenomorph "guard dogs", which kill the ninjas Yoshi and two others. After defeating the creatures, the remaining four men reached an artificial "nest" and managed to contain an egg with a specially designed clamp before it hatched. Ahiro was assigned to keep a watchful eye over the eccentric Damon Eddington and bioengineers Darcy Vance and Michael Brangwen and had also kept a constant surveillance on the egg whilst the cell for the Xenomorph was being prepared.

Darcy explained to Damon that they would need a host to hatch the egg, and Brangwen clarified that they could use a voluntary host from one of the numerous Xenomorph cults in Manhattan. Ahiro began looking around the gritty streets of Manhattan looking for a suitable host. He came across The Church of the Queen Mother and in it, found the man that Keene had wanted Ahiro to find; Ken Petrillo. Ahiro had convinced Ken of fulfilling his "destiny" and bought him back to the lab. Damon recognized him as an old associate. After a short talk between the two old friends, Ahiro abruptly told them that it was time and forcefully sat Ken down, as he seemed to have changed his mind at the last minute. It was too late, however, and Ken was subdued by the Facehugger.

In order to produce the sound that Damon desired, Ahiro had begun providing him with animals for the later dubbed 'Mozart' to fight, including a bull and even a panther. This was not enough, however, and Damon demanded more. Ahiro promised something even greater for Mozart to battle.

Ahiro later returned with five crates. The crates were later revealed to contain five humans that would be armed with electrostun rifles. Brangwen was furious and greatly objected to this, though Ahiro remained apathetic. After Mozart had escaped and killed Damon, Ahiro was summoned to the Presley Hall concert. He had met up with Brangwen and began questioning him on what had happened before he was halted by a MedTech security team led by Philip Rice, who were investigating in the missing egg that Ahiro had stolen.

Ahiro and his men attacked the security team but were swiftly gunned down, their inferior weaponry being no match for firearms.