"You have a bond? An agreement?"
"Nah. There ain't a word for it. "Bond" is overstating. Ahab'd gut me soon as look, if he had to. An understanding, maybe. But let's call it bond for simplicity."
―Cpt. Paget and Galgo (from Alien vs. Predator: Life and Death)

Ahab was a Yautja Elder[citation needed]. He was a veteran hunter, having taken trophies from numerous worlds, gaining many scars in the process. Once he became an Elder, however, he left the small game to other Yautja. Ahab developed an obsession with the Engineers and discovered signs of the species during one of his hunts.

In January 2219, Ahab became involved in a large conflict involving Xenomorphs, humans and Elden aboard the Geryon. However, he followed Galgo Helder aboard the Perses after having seen the human carrying an Engineer weapon. After killing one of Galgo's team members and being indirectly responsible for the death of the other, the Yautja captured him and forced Galgo to help find an Engineer on LV-223.


In his prime, Ahab took deadly trophies from countless worlds, his scars a proud record of glorious battle. He later became an Elder of his tribe, leaving small game to the next generation as he looked to his final hunt.[citation needed] Following a lifelong obsession, Ahab searched for a creature more formidable than any Predator had ever faced before, an Engineer.

UE-753 Hunt

Ahab discovers cave paintings.

In roughly 2107 during a Hunt on UE-753 in the Kaus Borealis System, Ahab was hunting a four-armed, red-skinned, seemingly primitive species. During a battle with one, Ahab got stabbed in the face, causing him to lose a mandible and eye, but he managed to kill the creature and ripped out its spine. After defeating it, Ahab discovered a cave painting of Engineers seemingly being worshiped similar to the one discovered by doctors Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway on the Isle of Skye.

Boarding the Geryon

On January 22, 2219, after a successful hunt of large beasts on a jungle-like planet, Ahab's tribe detected the Geryon and possible conflict aboard it. The tribe then departed the planet to journey to the Geryon for their next hunt. Upon arriving at the Geryon, Ahab and his tribe split up. On his wrist gauntlet, a hologram showed Galgo pointing an Engineer rifle-like weapon at Francis and Ahab attempted to grab the Galgo hologram. Ahab then proceeded through the ship while looking at the hologram. Ahab boarded the Perses, at some point before Galgo detached the ship from the Geryon and fled.

Aboard the Perses

Ahab fights Piper.

At 2:54 AM, Earth Central Time on January 23, Galgo awakened the two other mercenaries — Piper and Higgins — from hypersleep and told them that Perses' systems detected a "stowaway". The three men set out in search of the extra passenger wielding stun baton-like devices. After Piper located Ahab and attacked him with one of the devices, Ahab shot him with his Plasmacaster, instantly killing him.

After Galgo and Higgins noticed their teammate had been slain, they planned a trap for Ahab, but Galgo had his own agenda, Galgo led Higgins to the airlock where they last detected Ahab's position, and as soon as he entered the airlock, Galgo locked him in with Ahab. Galgo then opened the airlock, apparently blowing them both into space, but Ahab actually was still aboard the Perses after the airlock was re-sealed.

Capturing Galgo and journey to LV-223

Ahab reveals himself.

Shortly after the airlock re-sealed, Ahab revealed himself to Galgo by leaping from the rafters. The two quickly began fighting, but Ahab shot him with a Netgun, trapping Galgo.

As Galgo prepared for the worst, Ahab suddenly extended his Wrist-Blades and slashed the net, freeing Galgo. Ahab grabbed Galgo's engineer rifle and pushed him away, activate his wrist gauntlet, projecting a hologram of an Engineer.

Galgo manages to strike a deal with Ahab, suggesting that if he takes Ahab to LV-223 to hunt the Engineer, the Predator will let Galgo go. Ahab swiftly forces him in the pilot seat of the Perses, with Galgo saying "All right. LV-223 coming right up".

Arrival at LV-223 and encounter with Angela

Ahab drags Galgo into the jungle.

The two arrived at LV-223 on January 30 at 11:16 AM Earth Central Time. Galgo, assuming that he held his end of the bargain, bid Ahab farewell and a "happy hunting". Ahab however, had other ideas and demanded that Galgo follows. As an argument ensues between the two, Ahab did not wait to listen, he grabbed Galgo's right arm and placed a gauntlet on it, linking him to Ahab's gauntlet via a short range laser type device.

Once returning to the moon, the two venture into the jungle and come across the same pile of dead Xenomorphs Galgo had previously encountered, although the pile this time was immensely larger than before. Galgo and Ahab eventually find Angela and fellow crewmembers Chris and Jill Hanlock, still on the moon. Foster explains to Galgo that the Engineers having been purging the moon of all wildlife, "clearing up" anything living they come across.

Upon seeing Angela and the other survivors Ahab sprinted towards them ready for battle, but Galgo yelled at Angela to run away as he yanked hard on the laser chain device restraining Ahab, Angela told Chris and Jill to head back to camp that she'd catch up later since she vowed that no one else would die.

Angela asked Galgo what mess had he drag to her life now, Galgo began trying to sweet talk her but received a punch in the face for abandoning her and her crew. As the two argue, Ahab is standing in the background observing both of them argue.

Galgo then told Angela that they could all be friends and that he did what had to be done when he abandoned her and the other survivors on LV-223, and that she would have done the same. She asked if this was his idea of a rescue - bringing reinforcements, referring to Ahab, Galgo replied "not quite".

Night at the camp

Ahab and Galgo at the camp.

Galgo asked if the Aliens didn't come up to the cave, and she said that they didn't, that they seemed to leave the caves of the mountain alone, she didn't know why but she didn't care, her only goal was getting off LV-223. Galgo then was about to ask what had she discovered about the fate of Peter Weyland since that's what she was after, but she interrupted him and told him he could spend the night with them at the cave, but come morning he was gone. Galgo suggested that "it's going to be a cold night in space" and then asked her if they had any heaters or anything to keep warm, she sarcastically replied that he'd be fine since he's a survivor. Ahab immediately shot the ground with his Plasmacaster creating a small fire.

Ahab and Galgo decide to exchange stories on how they obtained their scars. Galgo pulls down his neck bandanna, revealing an old scar and recalls how he saved two families from a group of pirates on a cruise ship.

Then he told Ahab he had shared a story and that it was his turn, "don't be shy" he said, then pointed to a large scar on Ahab's left thigh, and asked how he acquired that "beauty", Ahab showed a hologram depicting a large bipedal beast, Galgo replied "Ha, good story".

Fight with the Engineer

Ahab battles the Engineer.

Whilst further exploring the jungle, Galgo and Ahab eventually, rather accidentally, meet the Engineer face to face. Galgo suddenly flees the scene, much to Ahab's surprise and after a brief battle, the Engineer quickly overpowers him, breaking an arm and a leg. Ahab retreats back into the Perses, the Engineer in hot pursuit. Ahab in a last ditch effort, manages to impale a harpoon into the Engineer's chest. The Engineer, however, is able to tear it out and prepares to finish Ahab off. Just before the Engineer kills the weakened Predator, Galgo returns and shoots him in his chest wound with the Engineer rifle that Galgo had previously found. Ahab finishes the job by setting a Self-Destruct Device, escaping the Perses and blowing up the ship.

Ahab claims his trophy.

After the two witnessed the the Perses explode, Ahab returned to the wreckage and began searching through it as Galgo, confused, tried to tell him that the Engineer was dead. The Yautja then grabbed the Engineer's skull and spinal column, holding it up in victory as he roared. Galgo, now alongside Foster, Chris and Jill, who came to investigate the explosion, said that he was beginning to like Ahab. Foster replied "Yeah, until he kills us next.", but Galgo told her they were too "minor league" for him. As the Yautja walked away, Galgo commented that Ahab "finally got his whale".

On February 12 at 7:16 PM Earth Central Time, after Galgo killed a Xenomorph, Foster mentioned that not everyone has a "Guardian Angel" like Galgo, referring to Ahab, but Galgo replied that he is of no use to Ahab anymore, but killing the Engineer had given him a new lease on life so "he's been keeping himself busy." As they spoke of him, Ahab was stabbing a centipede-like creature with his spear.

Reuniting with the survivors

Ahab had later left the group for several months, leaving them to struggle with starvation.

Galgo and Angela go hunting, stalking a small pack of three bio-mechanoid-like quadrupeds which they referred to as "pigs". However, the pigs later notice and attack the two. Angela manages to kill one but is attacked by another. It is suddenly shot and killed. The two look up to see Ahab standing over them. Ahab took his leave, but not before giving Angela and Galgo one of the pigs for food and some weapons he had crafted from bone.

Ecounter with Elden and taking the Onager

The survivors later discuss using the Onager to drill into a mysterious mountain and uncover a human beacon within it that they speculate is coming from the USCSS Prometheus.

In a plan to retake the Onager, now infested with an immobilized Queen and bio-mechanoid Xenomorph-like creatures, Angela uses Galgo as bait for the mechanoids in an attempt to draw Ahab out of hiding.

After Galgo stepped in the open, the creatures charged towards him. Instead of Ahab, Elden arrived and began fighting the creatures. As Elden becomes overpowered and Angela and Galgo begin bickering, Ahab leaps over both of them with two machete-like blades in each hand and began slaughtering the creatures, the Queen included.

Ahab honors Elden.

In the aftermath of the battle, Ahab suddenly approaches Elden and grabs him by his neck. Though Angela protests, Elden is okay with this as Ahab is actually embracing him. Ahab noticed Elden's clan mark and places his forehead onto Elden, honoring him, though Galgo is unimpressed. Shortly afterwards they started the Onager's engines, and the four; Angela, Elden, Galgo, and Ahab took off towards the mountain.

Voyage to the mountain and within

Ahab prepares for the worst.

As the four flew in the Onager towards the mysterious mountain, Galgo becomes increasingly uncomfortable having to sit next to Elden. Elden notes that he can smell his guilt and that he "stinks of deception". Ahab laughs at this remark, surprising Galgo. Angela interrupts the bickering and announces that they arrived. Upon penetrating the side of the mountain, heaps of acid blood began gushing out, leading Elden to deduce that the mountain is actually alive.

After crashing the Onager and tracking the signal, the group eventually reach a wall, and it begins closing in on them. Moments before the group are crushed, Elden sacrifices himself by merging with the wall and opening a small hatch for the group to climb out. Angela and Galgo manage to escape but Ahab falls behind. Galgo reaches out his arm and Ahab grasps it as he pulls him out, scarcely managing to save his life.

Stranded on LV-223

Ahab laughs on the desert sand, after him Galgo and Angela survive.

Ahab and the others walk out into a desert horizon with their lives. As Angela is overstruck with joy, Ahab falls to his knees on the desert sand and begins laughing. Galgo then looking at both of them said "Oh sure, laugh it up. No beacon, no ship...and we lost the Onager. What'd we get for all that?" Angela replied, "We're alive, that's all we get", as Jill and Chris arrived at the scene.

Ahab and the other survivors emerge in front of the marines.

A year later, it is revealed that the group had established a large base on the moon, complete with a water-filtration system and growth-dome. Ahab was in charge of establishing fortifications for the base, specifically setting up traps if any Xenomorphs got too close.

At some point, the group had noticed a squad of USCM that had become stranded like them after landing on the moon in an Engineer Juggernaut. As the marines were ambushed by the creatures, Angela, Galgo and Ahab rescued them, with the marines in shock that a Predator had sided with humans. Angela and Galgo introduce the cautious marines to Ahab and take them to their fortress.

Ahab battles the second Engineer.

As the others take refuge in the base, Galgo and Ahab scout the Engineer ship, noticing that the Engineer piloting the Juggernaut had awakened a second Engineer to hunt the marines down. Singer suggests that they attempt to hijack their derelict so that the group could finally leave the moon. Whilst Foster, Roth and Singer deal with the other Engineer in the derelict, Ahab ambushes the second Engineer and a battle ensues. After a brief fistfight, the Engineer grabs Ahab and throws him away. Galgo shoots the Engineer from behind but it is unfazed, retorting by firing its own gun, causing a large explosion and forcing Galgo and Ahab into a retreat. Whilst escaping from the Engineer, Galgo becomes swarmed by a group of Xenomorphs, but is swiftly saved by Ahab who slaughters the creatures. The two suddenly notice a USCM dropship nearby and run towards its landing, only for the second Engineer to emerge and blow up the ship. Out of options, Galgo prompts Ahab to search for the marines in hopes of reuniting with them.

Showdown with Hornhead and battle against the Horde

Ahab faces off against Hornhead.

Eventually, Galgo and Ahab reunite with the marines Cross and Freebody nearby the Engineer temples, with Ahab saving the two from a Xenomorph ambush. However, Ahab soon spots from a distance a hunting party of Yautja that the marines had previously encountered on Tartarus (LV-797). Ahab is familiar with the tribe, and confronts it as the rest look on from a temple.

Ahab takes his leave.

Ahab attempts to warn the leader of the dangers of the planet, but the clan leader refutes his warning, demanding that they have access to the Engineer temple, either to discover its riches or to exact revenge on the marines. A duel soon begins between Ahab and the clan's strongest warrior Hornhead for dominance over the tribe. Ahab eventually comes out on top, killing Hornhead and earning the respect of the Tartarus party. However, this is short lived, as a huge Xenomorph army emerges from the horizon, deadset on retrieving the Queen inside Chris Hanlock. The marines and hunting party engage the swarm and viciously fight it off, but it slowly begins overwhelming the group, and several Predators and marines fall during the skirmish. Not wanting any further bloodshed and sensing the Queen inside of her, Chris grabs a grenade and walks out into the Xenomorph horde, and they cease their onslaught. She subsequently detonates the grenade, killing her, the Queen and sending the horde into a retreat.

With the chaos over, the clan decide to take leave, with Ahab now accepted back among their ranks. Galgo approaches Ahab and as a gesture of farewell, gives Ahab the Engineer rifle that Galgo had stolen. Ahab takes the weapon in stride and leaves with his clan. With the Yautja ship leaving the planet, Ahab sits in the quarters, examining the rifle.

List of Known Victims


Personality and Traits

"Why don't you act as bait, if you're so sure?
Because it's not me he always shows up to protect, cowboy! It's you.
Galgo and Foster (from Prometheus: Fire and Stone - Omega)

Ahab, alongside Galgo.

Ahab was an honorable and highly experienced Yautja hunter, also very determined. Ahab formed something of a companionship with Galgo. Although he initially used him just to track down the Engineer he was hunting, the two began to begrudgingly set aside their differences and work together. Though Galgo was still sure Ahab could kill him at any moment he wanted to, the two seemed to even be 'friends', as Ahab was usually paired with Galgo during tasks, and although he was mutually friendly with Chris, Jill and Angela, he preferred being by Galgo's side. This could be due to Galgo's "understanding" of Ahab and the two's similar nature.

Upon meeting Elden, Ahab accepted him as a clan brother since he had been marked by another Yautja who was a member of Ahab's Tribe. Ahab seemed have a sense of humor as he is seen laughing at an argument between Galgo and Elden, and then later after escaping the mountain.

Behind the scenes

Galgo commented that "Ahab finally got his whale", after Ahab collected the Engineer's skull and spinal column, referencing Melville's 1851 novel.

Ahab was directly inspired by the character Captain Ahab from Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby Dick, in which Captain Ahab is hunting a great whale, much like Ahab hunts for the Engineer. Both Ahabs also bear facial scars.


  • Ahab is one of few Yautja to appear in more than one Predator-related story. Other examples include Top-Knot, the Devil, Light-Stepper and other members of the Tartarus Clan.
  • Ahab only appears for a total of 4 panels in Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone.
  • A cosmetic inconsistency is shown in Aliens: Life and Death, in which, unlike his debut and subsequent appearances in the comics that portrays his right eye scarred shut, the former depicts Ahab with two working eyes; although the scar is still present over his right eye, it is clearly open.




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