Agents of Law #6, also referred to as Agents of Law vs. Predator on account of its storyline, is an issue of the comic book series Agents of Law featuring the Predator that was published by Dark Horse Comics in September 1995. It was written by Lovern Kindzierski, pencilled by Matt Clark, inked by Chad Hunt and Jim Royal, colored by Perry McNamee, lettered by Clem Robins, and edited by Marilee Hord, with cover art by Doug Wheatley and Mark Farmer.

Agents of Law #6 was a part of the Hunting the Heroes: The Predators Attack! comic book crossover event, in which several of Dark Horse's home-grown characters from its Dark Horse Heroes line were hunted by a band of Predators visiting Earth in search of exceptional prey. It is notable in that it is the only entry in the event in which the Predator successfully kills its prey — the story features the death of the titular character Law, and marks the official end of the Agents of Law series.

In the overall Dark Horse crossover comics line, Agents of Law #6 was preceded by Ghost: Trophy Ghost, Motorhead #1 and X: Comeback, published concurrently with the Superman vs. Aliens and X: Hell Night, and was followed by Tarzan versus Predator: At the Earth's Core.

Publisher's Summary[]

Golden City's new leader Law is considered a savior by some, and Satan by others. But there's someone new in town who has a whole different view of Law: He considers him meat. The once utopian Golden City has become hunting ground to a Predator, and he's got his lasers trained on Law!


In the wake of massive change in the Dark Horse super hero universe, a wave of Predator attacks on high-profile targets occur across the world.  

When a lone Predator chooses Golden City as its hunting ground, it is drawn into conflict with villain-turned-dictator Law, who had recently wrested control of the city from a powerful super group.

Despite Law's powers and near invulnerability, he is ultimately the loser in the conflict, and the Predator takes his head as a trophy, leaving Golden City's fate up to its former rulers to determine. 

Behind the Scenes[]

On the last page of Agents of Law #5 appears a Predator.

Agents of Law #6 represents one of the major events in Dark Horse Comics' Dark Horse Heroes universe, as Law is the only major character in the continuity to be killed by a Predator. The issue also marked the official end of the Agents of Law series, which was cancelled along with most other Dark Horse Heroes titles at that time.

While none of the crossover comics are considered canon with regards to the Aliens/Predator/Alien vs. Predator franchises, Agents of Law #6 is one of a select few that forms an official, canonical part of the other comic book franchise involved; the story was a permanent end to the Agents of Law storyline. Other examples that are likewise considered canon in their parent series include Predator versus Judge Dredd, WildC.A.T.s/Aliens, Judge Dredd versus Aliens: Incubus and Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In Space No One Can Hear You Slay!. However, none of these comics are considered canon in the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator franchise.

Reprint History[]

Agents of Law #6 has never been collected or reissued.