Adrien Brody (born April 14, 1973) is an Academy Award-winning American actor who played Royce in the 2010 film Predators. Other notable films Brody has appeared in include Natural Born Killers (1994), The Thin Red Line (1998), The Pianist (2002), King Kong (2005) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014).

Brody has won an Academy Award for Best Actor (for The Pianist), being the only actor to do so before the age of 30. He has also been nominated for a Golden Globe and a BAFTA.


Year Title Notes
1989 New York Stories
1991 The Boy Who Cried Bitch
1993 King of the Hill With Eddie Yansick
1994 Angels in the Outfield With Lionel Douglass and Danny Glover
Natural Born Killers Uncredited
1995 Ten Benny
1996 Solo
1997 The Last Time I Committed Suicide With Thomas Jane
The Undertaker's Wedding
Six Ways to Sunday
1998 Restaurant With Vonte Sweet
The Thin Red Line With Thomas Jane
1999 Summer of Sam
Liberty Heights
2000 Bread and Roses With Elpidia Carrillo
Harrison's Flowers With Pavel Bezdek and Corey Johnson
2001 The Affair of the Necklace
Love the Hard Way With Sylvia Kauders
2002 Dummy
The Pianist
2003 The Singing Detective
2004 The Village With Sigourney Weaver
2005 The Jacket
King Kong
2006 Hollywoodland
2007 The Darjeeling Limited
2008 Cadillac Records
The Brothers Bloom
2009 Giallo
Fantastic Mr. Fox
2010 Wrecked
The Experiment
High School
2011 Detachment
Midnight in Paris
2012 Back to 1942
2013 inAPPropriate Comedy With Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Third Person
2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel
American Heist
2015 Dragon Blade

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