Adams was a mercenary and a member of Manning's private military team. In 2497, Manning's team was hired by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation for a mission to New Galveston, the intention being to capture a live Xenomorph for the company to study. The operation suffered massive casualties, although the few survivors did successfully capture several viable specimens.


Adams shows Alan some weapons such as the Reaper (weapon) and the 50. Watt Plasma Rifle and makes sure he is able to handle them. Adams becomes the only team member that Decker likes and as such they stick together. When nearing the Queen, Adams is attacked by a Royal Facehugger and facehugged. Adams fate is unclear as it is noted by Andrea Rollins that the facehugger succeeded in impregnating her, but remains attached to her face. Rollins notes the size difference in both the embryo and the facehugger, the latter being larger with webbed fingers indicating a Queen facehugger. Adams is placed into stasis along with Elway, another facehugger victim, leaving their eventual fate unclear.

In Predator: Incursion, it is mentioned by the Synthetic Liliya that the current infestation aboard the USS Evelyn-Tew came from samples taken from LV-178 indicating that either the embryo was surgically removed which is unlikely, or that Weyland-Yutani allowed the parasite to hatch from Adams, killing her.

A Queen was present aboard the Evelyn-Tew but remains attached to her egg sac rather than escape like the Drones.

Personality and Traits

Adams is described as being tanned with short-cropped auburn hair and freckles. Adams, unlike the other mercenaries, is down to earth and friendly, having a positive disposition and being on good terms with most of the team. Adams is also the only member of the mercenary team to be amicable to Decker, even forming a strong friendship despite the short time they had together. Decker had spent a night with her before they on with their mission and was understandably devastated when Adams was subdued by a Facehugger and notes that no one in their company even attempted to help her.


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