AVP: Evolution is a game for Android and iOS, costing $2.99 USD on both the iTunes and Amazon app stores, but $4.99 USD on Google Play. AVP: Evolution was released on February 28, 2013, and is an engine sequel to Angry Mob Games' Predators game.


The game is in the third-person perspective and features the Super Predators as the antagonists of the storyline. Similarly to the Alien campaign of Aliens versus Predator 2, Alien players start off as a Facehugger and must find a host to impregnate so the player may become a Chestburster and eventually grow into an adult Alien


As the order of the missions depends on which faction you choose, both factions' missions are separated into their own sections.


Predator Mission 1 - Proving Ground

At first, you play as a captured Jungle Hunter Predator, who is forced into the Temple Arena to serve as a test of the Super Predators' control over the Aliens. The Berserker Super Predator orders the Aliens to attack the captured Predator and the Jungle Hunter manages to kill all of them. The Berserker Predator then enters the arena and the Jungle Hunter is quickly defeated and decapitated by the Super Predator. However, just before dying, the Jungle Hunter sent out a warning signal to his clan leader. The player then plays as the new warrior, tasked with stopping the Super Predator clan's plan.

Predator Mission 2 - Predator Ship

The Super Predators attack the new warrior's Scout Ship en route to the Temple. The warrior arms himself with his wrist blades to clear some debris and evacuates the ship in an escape pod.

Predator Mission 3 - Crash Landing

The warrior's escape pod lands near the Marine research facility. The warrior makes his way through the facility's security and defenses (which includes numerous Marines and combat androids).

Predator Mission 4 - Weapons Research

The warrior continues to fight his way through the Marine base to locate the base's research facility where the weapons and armor of the Predator's ancestors are stored, killing two Smart Gun Marines along the way.


Alien Mission 1 - Queen's Chamber

The Super Predators attack an Alien Queen. You first play as a Drone as you and your sibling Drones attempt to kill the Super Predators. However, the Aliens are ultimately outnumbered and killed (including the player) and the Queen is captured by the Super Predators. The Queen and her eggs are used to breed new Aliens, which the Super Predators control in battle.

The Super Predators utilize the ancient Temple above the Alien Hive as a training ground, honing their skills and mastering the art of controlling the new Alien army.

Alien Mission 2 - Facehugger at Large

In their own quest to breed Alien slaves, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation built research facilities near the Temple. Realizing that an Alien Queen lays her eggs underneath the Temple, Weyland-Yutani Co. managed to extract a few eggs and capture the hatching Facehuggers. You play as a Facehugger captured by Weyland-Yutani. At first, the Facehugger is trapped inside a tube, but the Facehugger begins moving around inside the tube and the tube falls off of the table and breaks when it hits the ground, freeing the Facehugger. The Facehugger eventually find a scientist and facehugs him. The scientist later wakes up and starts coughing before the Chestburster inside him erupts which you now play as. The Chestburster manages to escape and eventually grow into a mature Alien, free of Super Predator control and motivated to free the Queen and save the Hive.

Alien Mission 3 - The Living Weapon

As a full grown Alien, the creature makes its way through the Colonial Marine base killing scientists. The Alien frees some Facehuggers and proceeds through the base encountering Marines Combat Synthetics. It then frees a group of three Drones from their restraints and again proceeds through the base encountering more Marines, scientists, and Combat Synthetics, but also a military-grade synthetic and soldiers armed with shotguns. The Alien frees three more Drones and comes across a scientist before passing by a window which the game's Predator protagonist passes by on the other side.

Featured Aliens and Predators




  • AVP: Evolution is, to date, the game with the most scripted playable character deaths, with a total of three — the first Alien and Predator you play as and the Facehugger you briefly plays as in Alien Mission 2; although the Facehugger's death was not shown on-screen, it obviously would have died after impregnating the scientist.
  • In Alien Mission 1, if the player is at the very edge of the arena where there is a drop, it is possible for the Berserker to attempt to jump at you, but he instead falls out of the arena and never returns for the rest of the level.
  • AVP: Evolution does not contain a single line of dialogue.
  • The Berserker-Alien does not possess quad-mandibles, which is odd because, after the player defeats the Alien Queen at the end of the Yautja Campaign, an image of a Chestburster with quad mandibles is shown bursting from the Berserker's chest. However, if you look carefully, there are what appear to be bony stumps.
  • There is a glitch that allows you to unlock all character customization parts with out purchasing them from the store or unlocking them. To perform the glitch you must select the item that you want (head, tail, etc.) go to the home menu, exit out of the app, and the item will be available for use when you restart the app. However, this glitch does not work for the Predalien.
  • In Alien Mission 10, there's a glitch (only accessible when using a Praetorian, Berserker-Alien or Predalien tail) where, if you grapple stab the Berserker, he will stand still; if you grapple stab him until he goes through a wall, you can hit the Berserker and he will die instantly.
  • A special bonus mission in AVP: Evolution, unlocked by collecting all 7 secret items found throughout the game's Alien missions, allows you to play as a Queen, one of the very few times this is possible throughout the Alien, Predator and Alien vs. Predator games.


  • In the Predator campaign, when the Predator protagonist passes a window, he stops and the game's Alien protagonist arrives and jumps on the glass before leaving. However, in the Alien campaign, the game's Predator protagonist runs by the glass without stopping and the Alien instead stops at the window, without jumping on it.


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