HorrorClix was a collectible miniatures game by WizKids Inc., notable for its line of Alien and Predator themed miniatures.


Released August 30, 2006, HorrorClix was discontinued in November of 2008 when WizKids' new owner Topps shut down the company [1]. In September of 2009, collectible toy producer NECA announced it had purchased WizKids' intellectual property from Topps, including HorrorClix[2].


Similar to HeroClix, HorrorClix offers players the ability to construct teams of monsters that cross horror genres, allowing them to create a "dream team" of favorite characters. HorrorClix introduces several new game mechanics. Plot twist cards, scenario play, fiction, and individual character cards for each monster place the game's emphasis firmly on the fantasy of writing or directing a horror story rather than a game of fighting and combat. Innocent victims play an important part of the game, with monsters protecting them, eating them, or both.

HorrorClix AVP releases

  • HorrorClix: Released August 30, 2006, this initial release is often referred to as the Base Set and featured 96 figures. The "Buy it by the Brick" exclusives included a coupon for the AVP: Aliens collector's set.
  • The Lab: The Lab was released January 31, 2007 for the U.S. and the rest of the world and mid-August 2007 for Europe, and had 96 figures. The By-the-Brick exclusives were an LE Cloaking Predator and a coupon for the second collector's set, AVP: Predators.

Collector's Sets and Action Packs

For 2006 and early 2007, licensed properties for Horrorclix were released in the form of Collector's Sets, which were direct-marketed online. After winning an online poll, AVP: Alien vs. Predator became the first movie for which WizKids acquired the rights. Licensed properties were later made available through regular commercial channels, and renamed Action Packs. Similar to the HorrorClix starter set, these packs featured a number of pre-selected figures, Plot Twist cards, and maps, from across the horror entertainment spectrum.

  • Aliens: Released as the Collectors' Set for the Horrorclix base set, this contains 7 figures, Plot Twist cards, victims, and a map.
  • Predators: Released with The Lab expansion set, this set contains 6 Predators and a human Apprentice Predator, as well as Plot Twist cards, victims, and a map.
  • AVP: Alien Queen - Released on February 21, 2007, this action pack features a two-stage Queen, usable with attached egg sack or without, as well as an exclusive Alien figure, an exclusive Predator figure, a map, Minion tokens, and Plot Twist cards.

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