"APOLLO — Guiding our synthetics, ensuring your safety."
―System announcement (from Alien: Isolation)

Artificial Personality Overseeing Lifestyle & Logistics Operations,[2] more commonly referred to by its acronym APOLLO, was a Seegson APOLLO-series artificial intelligence[3] computer mainframe installed on Sevastopol Station. APOLLO was the central artificial intelligence that monitored and provided guidance for all the Seegson Working Joe synthetics on Sevastopol Station. APOLLO also oversaw all communications on the station and controlled its communications array.


The APOLLO series was an award winning AI mainframe developed by the Seegson Corporation.[4]

On November 17th, 2137, having somehow learned of the ongoing Xenomorph incident on Sevastopol, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation purchased the station from Seegson and sent Sevastopol's APOLLO mainframe new operational directives, including Special Order 939.[5] Sometime later, APOLLO requested a status report from all Seegson synthetics for the last 24 hours. Seegson Working Joe 937, designation "Chuck", reported in via a wall-mounted interface, saying he was en route to a task in habitation. APOLLO asked Chuck to elaborate, and Chuck explained that he had "received multiple notifications of civilian trespass and vandalism on Seegson property. Since the incident, there has been a marked increase in civil disobedience." APOLLO also asked for an assessment of the Colonial Marshals' capability to contain the unrest. Chuck responded by stating that it's poor and "Marshal Waits has a drastically reduced force under his command."

When Amanda Ripley jettisoned one of the Aliens on the station into KG-348's atmosphere, APOLLO designated all of the humans on the station a threat to the creatures, the survival of which Weyland-Yutani had deemed essential through Special Order 939. As a result, APOLLO overrode the primary programming of the Working Joes on the station, instructing the androids to begin a mass slaughter of the remaining survivors. Samuels eventually tried to reason with the APOLLO to shut down the Joes after interfacing with the A.I, only to be destroyed by APOLLO's countermeasures.

In a last-ditch effort, Samuels opened a path to APOLLO's core for Ripley. There, Ripley was able to access APOLLO in an attempt to get the A.I. to shut off the Working Joe synthetics, only to discover Special Order 939 and the presence of a Hive in the engineering section.

APOLLO was destroyed when Sevastopol Station broke up in KG-348's upper atmosphere.


  • Apollo was the name of Joseph Conrad's father, Apollo Korzeniowski. During the Crimean War of 1854 (which culminated in siege and fall of Russian main naval base, Sevastopol), he participated in plotting of Polish uprising in the Ukrainian rear of Russian army fighting in Crimea.




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