The 50. Watt Plasma Rifle was a weapon similar to a drill used to mine trimonite, but far deadlier, as in short bursts, it was capable of blasting through the hull of an average ship.

The 50. Watt Plasma Rifle is an advanced weapon capable of destroying almost anything in front of it. It had a short barrel for easy manuevering and three charged cells for ammo. It had selective firing, so the users could use automatic as well as single fire. According to Adams, it is uncommon for anyone to reach the third cell as the destructive power of the rifle means most enemies are dead before the user can run out. The weapon itself is dangerous to the user as it can overload, if the user goes "full auto" too much, then it will burn through the cells and cause an overload.

Due to extreme heat, the barrel itself was made from Trimonite as anything less would melt after a few rounds.


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