• The Torrens arrives at Sevastopol to pick up the Nostromo​'​s flight recorder.
  • Henry Marlow self-destructs the Anesidora in an attempt to destroy the station and all Xenomorphs aboard it.
  • The force of the Anesidora​'s explosion damages Sevastopol's gravity stabilizers; the station eventually falls into KG-348's atmosphere. Amanda Ripley is the sole survivor.
  • Private Zula Hendricks and Davis One board the Europa and are attacked by Xenomorphs.
  • Davis One breaks his programming and hijacks the Europa.
  • The USCSS Haldin docks at Mendel Station where Amanda Ripley is attempting to survive a Xenomorph outbreak.
  • Amanda Ripley escapes Mendel Station following its destruction aboard the Haldin with its crew on a course to KOI-125.01, with a further planned trip to Earth.


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