"You will not lead me. And hunting Soft Meat is forbidden to unBlooded, even a fool such as you knows this."
Aseigan to Tichinde (from Aliens vs. Predator: Prey)

Aseigan[1] was an Un-Blooded Yautja and a member of Dachande's clan.

He took part in an initiation Hunt on Ryushi with ten others, led by Dachande. However, when the hunting party's ship was accidentally destroyed by Dr. Kesar Revna and Dachande was left incapacitated, the remaining students found themselves stranded and leaderless.

'Aseigan was killed after he opposed Tichinde's self-elected leadership, resulting in the latter killing him with a Burner for his dissention.


'Aseigan was a member of Dachande's clan aboard the Mother Ship Ne'dtessi.

Dachande would go on to choose the planet of Ryushi to conduct 'Aseigan and the other Un-Blooded's initiation hunt. Unbeknownst to them was that the human colony of Prosperity Wells had established itself on the planet.

Landing and Death[]

"Who proclaimed you leader?"
―'Aseigan to Tichinde (from Aliens vs. Predator: Prey)

'Aseigan and his pack landed over the horizon of Prosperity Wells. The Yautja were subsequently discovered by accident by Dr. Kesar Revna, the latter attempting to flee on his hoverbike. During his escape, he accidentally killed Chulonte, incapacitated Dachande, and drove into the Predator's shuttle, destroying it and killing the two Blooded supervisors Skemte and Warkha.

Stranded, Tichinde nominated himself the de facto leader of the hunting party, attesting that Dachande was a lost cause. Instead, they should conduct their own hunt and exact revenge on the humans and slaughter them. 'Aseigan angrily challenged this and dismissed Tichinde's claims of leadership. In retort, Tichinde raised his Burner and fired point-blank at him, murdering him.[2]

Personality and Traits[]

'Aseigan was brave and highly honorable despite his young age, the only Un-blooded to stand up against and protest Tichinde's unlawful claims of leadership. If not for his murder, 'Aseigan presumably would have gone on to have become a respectable hunter, given his following of and respect towards the Yautja Honor Code.


  • In the Yautja Language, "'Aseigan" means servant[citation needed], indicating 'Aseigan may be a lower ranked Yautja or some sort of servant. This also alludes to the existence of Nobles in Predator society.