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Thoughts on this?

How do you guys think specific Drones seem to be stronger,smarter, ect. Interested in your thoughts on how this happens.
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Jason Bourne vs predator (pred 2) film.

Predator is in London City (near big Ben)

Jason has come to the UK in search of old identities.

An elite team corners Jason inside a multi story building.

Jason is fully equipped.

Predator takes notice of his skills.

Predator begins to take out the team after hacking into the system and viewing their service record.

Jason teams up with two surviving sas.

One has night vision and normal tactical gear.

One has basic gear but 20 years experience in close quarters combat.

Jason has everything from the film.

I'm drunk?
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Unused Posters for "Alien"

What some Alien fans don't know it that there are several unused poster concepts for "Alien", and the reason for this is because they are not yet available on the internet, but rather on a DVD. More specifically, the 1999 US DVD for "Alien", and they are located on the Promotional Art photo gallery of bonus features. If you have that DVD, please check if it works, put it in your computer if you can, and take screenshots of the photos and upload them to this wiki, please. Thanks.

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• 2/17/2019
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• 2/16/2019

So who else wants this

For me personally I would like it if they made a Predalien chestburster army
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• 2/13/2019

Yautja political and philosophical leanings.

Now, I am aware of a rare class of philosopher predator, but that is as far as it goes on my very basic knowledge.

So, do what do you guys know of Yautja homeworld politics/philosophies (if any) and are they comparable to earths in any way?

Secondly (I probably shouldn't have to ask this) does the predator ideology extend into space? Or are these two different (far apart) to be compatible with their home worlds (military/civilian) etc etc.

Ive not much read time on predator comics or books.
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• 2/11/2019

Who wants a modern AVP Extinction game?

I would personally love this to happen, AVP extinction was one of my favourite games back in the day, it excited me being able to grow/upgrade an army of aliens/humans/predators, and it quenched my lust for strategy, but now I long for another.

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy the game as much as I did? Or are you the kind of person who would rather play an FPS?

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• 2/8/2019

Best comics

Which avp comic is your favorite
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• 2/8/2019
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• 2/7/2019

Why are alien heads so dam big?

Near the end of predator 2, we see our first alien skull, which appears to be a solid skull from front to back, leading me to believe its cavity must be filled with a brain.

If this is true, then what is that colossal organ doing? Surely telekinesis (communication with the queen) doesn't require such a hefty brain?

I was also going to assume that a massive brain would indicate higher intelligence, causing me to question why aliens aren't intellectual scholars, however there are plenty of animals on earth with grossly enlarged brains, certain Whales and dolphins, sonar etcetera etcetera.

So what is the purpose, or purposes of their engorged cranium boners?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, maybe it's already been explained? Cheers.
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• 2/6/2019
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• 2/6/2019


Do u guys think that aftter 10 years avp will be dead😢

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• 2/6/2019

AVP movie theory

I saw someone suggest that Wolf might be the older brother of 3 youngblood brothers in the first AVP and that is why Choppers and Celtics helmets are seen next to his. What do you guys think? I kind of like the idea and it would explain why wolf looked a lot like Scar
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• 2/5/2019

The Predator.

Anybody else sick of the way the predators are being portrayed as of late? I'm not feeling the vibes from 1 and 2, they've kept the action and ditched the horror. Will we ever see a true predator film again? Or will it go the way of star wars? Let's see some spicy opinions my dudes and dudettes.
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• 2/4/2019

Custom Figures

Hey guys can you post some links where I can get some good custom Predator figures? I had to start my collection late due to financial issues and started buying a lot of them but I'm seeing a lot of great custom ones out there but no website to purchase them. Thanks so much!
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• 2/2/2019

Predator big game comic

Ok guys thoughts on the predator in big game comic do you think it was a badblood or just blood thirsty? I think it was a badblood !!
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• 2/2/2019

More Elite comics

I wish they would make comics based on the rest of the Elite clan from the newest AVP game because a lot of them have interesting designs like the Spartan and the Serpent Hunter. What do you guys think?
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• 1/31/2019

What would you compare the Xenomorph's absolute fear of fire too?

Xenomorph's hate fire, we all know that. But just how much do they hate it?
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• 1/29/2019
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• 1/28/2019

If your a true alien fan here's a good fact for u

Did u know that the reason why alien is so wet because the creators put K Y jelly on it's head and the other fact that I have is that the reason why the alien has holes by it's mouth is because that is cut up pieces of condom comment down below if u knew
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